CageSense Wireless Sensors

Concept drawing of a site equipped with CageSense.

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Wireless Sensor


Wireless Load Shackle




Cloud / API

– Fully open API interface, no proprietary lock-in

– Hosts the dashboard solution

– Aqua Cloud 2.0 support



1. Wireless Sensor
  • Oxygen, Salinity etc.
2. Wireless Load Shackle
  • Logging tension every 2nd second
3. Topside
  • Reads “unlimited” number of wireless sensors
4. Cloud / API
  • Fully open API interface, no proprietary lock-in
  • Host dashboard solution
  • Aqua Cloud 2.0 support
5. Dashboard
  • View Map / Site / Cage
  • Actual and historic data

Why Wireless

Cabled sensors are the common way to equip the fish cage. So why go for a wireless solution instead?

  • No costs related to cable breakage
  • No downtime related to cable breakage
  • Easily move a sensor – no new cables to be laid
  • Easily expand with more sensors – no new cables needed
  • Operate “unlimited” number of sensors without the cable mess

It all comes down to a combination of reduced operational cost and flexibility to move/add sensors as requirements change.

Available Sensors

Tilt/Depth Sensor

Measures tilt-angle of the sensor and transmit wirelessly to topside

  • Up to 2 years battery lifetime
  • Rechargable battery (USB-C)
  • User defines measurement scheme
  • Mount using cable ties or hang from a rope


You need 1x TopSide per site. This device will read all sensors on the site and make the data available either locally or through the cloud.

  • Small “Pelicase 1170” based top-side computer
  • 1 receiver with capacity to read all wireless sensors within a radius of ~500m
  • Dashboard available locally or through the cloud
  • Open API for integration to external system
  • Power
  • Ethernet connection (for Local access only)
  • Internet connection (for Cloud access)

Dashboard GUI

Included with all CageSense systems. You can access the dashboard solution via the cloud or locally on the LAN where the CageSense Topside is located.

Main views/functions:

  • Map view with alerts
  • Site view with all cages per site
  • Cage view with focus on single sensors and historic data

Open Software API

Included with all CageSense systems.

We believe in open systems. You do not want to be locked in to our solution for all your sensor data and analysis. By using the open and well documented API you can integrate and send data to basically any external software package.

The API is available via the cloud or directly on site using the local LAN network.

  • Easy integration for external systems
  • Fully open interface, no proprietary lock-in
  • Runs in parallel with the dashboard solution
  • Enables analysis in external systems
  • Supports Aqua Cloud 2.0

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