We haven’t tested the Python library on MicroPython, so I have no idea if it will actually work.

The Python library has some fancy functionality which might not be needed in your application.
You can actually communicate using the modems by typing the commands in a serial terminal directly.
If you type the protocol example commands manually you should be able to get communication going:

Implementing the basic communication functionality should be fairly straight forward.
I suggest ignoring the checksum to simplify the code (the checksum can be used to detect bit errors on UART but is not required)
Setting configuration (channel, role) is persistent so you can set that manually in advance of using the modems.

So the what you need to get the basic functionality working is:

– Implement sending data. Ie. sending ‘wcq,8,’ then exactly 8 data bytes and then newline (‘\n’)
– Implement reading packets back. Ie checking that the line you receive starts with ‘wrp,8,’. The next 8 bytes are the payload)

Full protocol documentation is here: