Sorry for the late reply.

Currently NMEA output is not supported. It is possible to generate NMEA similar to our example of inputting NMEA (https://github.com/waterlinked/examples/blob/master/externalNMEA.py) if you are comfortable with programming. (Here is an example of generating NMEA: https://gist.github.com/JoshuaGross/d39fd69b1c17926a44464cb25b0f9828)

We have been evaluating supporting NMEA so if you have additional information on what sentences should be generated that would be helpful. I would guess GPGGA or GPGLL.
Should the prefix “GP” be user configurable?

NMEA over UDP is easier for us to support than UART.

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(PS. If you haven’t already, you should upgrade to release 1.4 for better performance: https://update.waterlinked.com/)