I am having similar issues. I have been tinkering with my Underwater GPS for about 3 weeks now. I have my receivers installed as per the configuration here:

Tank Configuration

My tank is 20′ x 16′ x 4.5′. It is highly reflective. I would like to know if we can get better S/N ratio than what I typically get. The following is kind of the best case scenario thus far:


I would like some tech support on how to maximize position accuracy in the pool (highly reflective) — help with calibration, positioning/orientating of the receivers etc.

Do we have access to the raw signal and the filtered signal from each receiver via the API?

Also, what are your recommendations for pool liners? I do not want to insulate the entire tank because I would like the sonar to “see” the walls. FYI, I am using a multi-beam sonar for SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping).