Hi Oliver,

Ok thank you for these clarifications.

Too bad your IMU has so much trouble on a boat, this added to the difficulty of mobilization limits the capacities of the system in open seas.

I would like to do another test in january in order to confirm all that, try to reduce search area and put the sensors closer to surface. Can you advise on the IMU model you would recommend for easy integration on the GUI? From what I understood, there is no roll/pitch compensation in the master D1, it is only a heading sensor right? If yes, can’t we just use 2 external aligned GPS antenna to get the heading like in bathymetric survey? If roll/pitch is considered, can a mems based IMU do the job like the ones from xsens?

I would love to send pictures but I cannot find how do it on the forum. I did not record anything from the diagnostic page though.