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    Running Ardusub 4.0.1, Companion 0.0.20, Waterlinked 2.5.1 and WL system with S1 transducer; makes communication working, but the received depth in WL is always 0 meters.
    This makes the positioning useless with position error up to 100 meters.

    Starting WL webUI without running BR softwares displays error “No external depth received” and also sets a flag in diagnostics “NoDepthReceived” as intended.
    Starting BR software makes the WL error and flag disappear, also as intended.
    Looking in WL webUI “acoustic:input_temperature” is received with correct value. But “acoustic:input_depth” always displays exactly “0m” even at 100 m depth.
    Depth in QGC is always correct.
    How can I trace problem?

    Also posted at BR forum:


    Hi Bo,

    Does the depth actually update in QGroundControl?

    If the depth is correctly updated in QGC I suggest you try to connect to the script on the companion computer by running screen -r wldriver. This script should print out what it is sending, so you should be able to see if it receives the data correctly and if sending works without error messages.
    (ref )


    Thanks for quick answer Kristian!
    Yes, QGC always display correct depth.
    Trying your suggestion “screen -r wldriver” gives that companion module is sending “0.0” meters all the time.
    I guess that mean there is something wrong in companion module.
    Posting this to BR forum as well, there is a screenshot of the companion testing


    There is a case now in Ardusub Git:


    This issue should be fixed in Companion v0.0.21:

    Another BR engineer and I were out testing it last week in the field and didn’t experience any drop-outs.

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