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    Is there a development kit available to create apps, protocols, test hardware and software interface, etc?



    Hi Dan,

    The easiest way to test software, protocols and so on is to test against our demo server. This shows all the features and APIs of a full kit. It should be enough to get all software working without any hardware:

    The cheapest hardware option we have to test hardware integration is to purchase the topside kit without any housing:

    Best regards


    Hi Dan,

    When I answered this I did not notice it was in the Modem category not the Underwater GPS. Here is the answer for the modem:

    The Modem-M64 is available in the store and we have:
    * STL/STEP files available to ease hardware integration (CAD, 3D printing). They can be downloaded at the product page:
    * Python library which includes a modem simulator allows testing and development of software interfaces/protocols etc without having hardware. It is available here:

    BlueRobotics has tested the modems and written a small summary of their experiences here:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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