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    Hi, I am using the Waterlinked GPS developer kit with a BlueROV2 and a Locator S1. In my application the Waterlinked locator position display is floating in ranges of >20m whatever I do. The communication between BlueROV2 and Waterlinked (depth and position) works perfect and the float is also observed in the QGroundControl. It is not the GPS signal that is floating it is locator calculation.
    1. It immediately starts to float with no locator in the water, and with no receiver in the water
    2. It continues to float with all receivers in the water placed at a distance >2m and no locator in the water.
    3. It continues to float with all receivers in the water plus the BlueROV2 with installed Locator-S1 in the water.
    I don’t understand why there is always a position calculated, without locator in the water and even with no receiver in the water. Did anyone have the same problem? Do you have any idea how to solve the problem? I have screenshot videos and picture that I could upload, if necessary.



    What version of the Underwater GPS software is on your kit? (If you are not on the latest version 2.3.2 I suggest you upgrade: )

    In order to get the positioning working as expected you need to:
    – Verify that you have configured the correct Locator and channel (typically this will be channel 17)
    – Verify that you have measured the distances to the receivers correctly and that they are correctly entered in the GUI
    – If you are testing in a small pool you should limit the search-range to the size of the pool.

    See the quick start documentation here:

    If you are using the latest version of the Underwater GPS software you will see warning messages in the top right corner if the receivers are not connected and other issues that are affecting the positioning algorithm. Using the Locator-U1 you will get a clear indication when the locator is not in the water however it is less clear with the Locator-S1. This is something we are planning to improve in a future release of the Underwater GPS. The time of the next release is however not clear at this point.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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