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    Bo Koppel

    Main problem seems to be communication between Companion and Waterlinked API
    In my mind there is problem in both Companion and WL API.

    By not sending position by Python to WL API, Companion WL Driver works more stable
    (But useless fix due to no positioning doing that)
    Also, Python script communicating position to WL API is more slow (skipping several seconds) when Companions driver is communicating to WL API at the same time.

    One way to make Companion work again by “only” use Companion WL Driver button in BR UI:
    In WL UI one status in: “Diagnostic”, “Stats for Nerds” is “acoustic:depth_missing” Value = 1
    Stop sending NMEA position to WL API by killing Python script
    Wait until WL UI reports “NaN” as Locator position (about 10 seconds)
    Press “Restart” button in Companion UI
    Now WL UI reports correct depth again and “Depth missing” disappear
    Unfortunately, when starting sending position by Python to WL API problem occur all to soon.

    So, BR Companion WL Driver has at least the problem of not autostarting.
    On the WaterLinked side, API do not handle position input at the same time as communicating with Companion. Could be depending on what Companion is doing?

    More info on BR Forum:

    Bo Koppel

    Most problem solved by fixes in BlueRobotics Companion Driver
    Will be fixed in later coming Companion update

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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