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    Hello my lab recently acquired a UnderWater GPS unit. We are able to use the basis functions of the GUI unit but are looking for a simple solution so we are able to have a log of time and position( Log/Lad). The question that we are asking is there a way we can utilize the API so that we are able to get a list/log of position and depth? If not, then will we need to build a program to grab and log these functions separately? (I see the Github code but i am unsure of how integrate code with GUI)



    Glad to hear that you have bought our Underwater GPS!

    Yes, it is possible to use the API to log the position. You can use the python script found here.

    To run the code you need python 2.7 on you computer and to install the required packages.

    This will store the position in a GPX file.

    Let me know if you have any more questions or problems getting the script to run!

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    Hello, I tried using python and pip to install the things in examples, but I don’t know how to proceed in the next step. What should I do to get gpx file?



    Once you are running the file it will generate a tracklog.gpx file (in the same directory) which stores all positions it is getting while it is running.

    You will need to specify the IP address of your kit similar to this:
    python -u

    If the URL is specified correctly you will periodically see an update on the screen with the position when running the script.

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