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    Hey, I am Andreas from Marine Distribution & Consulting (a French Blue Robotics Reseller) and received the following questions from potential French customers:
    Can we, ourselves,modify the software to develop our own system of localization with this system?
     1. Select the configuration (which is transmitter and receiver) on each of the 8 available I / O ?
     2. Choose the waveform as desired on the transmitters (between 1 and 8 transmitters) ?
     3. Read acoustic measurements on all receivers at the same time (between 1 and 8 receivers) ?

    Could you answer these or did I just miss to find the answers in the exististing doc ?
    Thanks, Andreas


    Hello Andreas, and thank you for forwarding these questions to our forum.

    The developer kit comes with a API. Through this API you can access data from the system like
    * Acoustic position of Locator
    * Satellite (GPS) position
    * IMU data (compass/acceleration/gyro)
    * Global position of Locator

    You can integrate these data streams into your own system. The acoustic raw data is not accessible for the user, but the global position can be modified and further developed by you. With global position I mean the merged data (acoustic + satellite + IMU). You can not modify the acoustic waveforms and read/write directly to the 8 I/O channels.

    More documentation on the API will come soon!

    Torgeir Trøite
    CTO, Water Linked


    tusen jakli takk Torgeir!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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