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    Water Linked has now released software version 2.5.0 for the Underwater GPS.

    When operating in open water you should select the new “open water” environment configuration which will lower the latency of the position.

    Change log:
    * Improve position accuracy and reduce position latency
    * Add reflective or open water environment selection
    * Add fix quality to GPS data
    * Add support for showing lat/lng in map view
    * Fix position taking a long time to reach correct position when changing channels between multiple Locator-U1
    * Fix missing icon
    * Fix incorrect rotation of range visualization

    More information on how to update is on the [Update server](

    A demo of the GUI is available on the [Demo server](


    Hello! Thank You for the software update!
    However I have quite silly question – on the step 7. in the manual it is said “Click “Browse file” and I simply cannot locate this button, neither at my current version 2.3.1 nor at the Demo version presented at this post. Where is it?..

    Best regards,


    Hi Dmytro,

    Sounds like you are not seeing the upgrader but a cached version of the web gui. You probably need to try to refresh the page or browse in “private mode” (see notes in the right side of step 5 in the manual).

    If you are still having issues after trying the page in incognito mode, please contact us on support and send a screenshot of what you are seeing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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