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    Happy new year everyone!

    To celebrate the new year, we created a new application for handling NMEA in/out of the Underwater GPS :tada: (We had this available already as a Python script, but the new application should be much easier to install)

    The application makes it easy to send GPS/Compass from a boat to the Underwater GPS and sending the lat/lon of the Locator as NMEA to a chart plotter.

    This is the first release, so please test it and give feedback:


    This sounds great!

    Are there any plans to allow the Master D1 board to receive input from an external GPS directly (perhaps through some of the gpio pins)?
    In my use-cases it’s a pain to have a separate computer just for reading in external GPS data then and updating the master D1 with HTTP PUT messages.


    Thanks for the feedback Justin!

    NMEA input directly on the board without a computer is something we want to support in the future.
    By testing the application above and giving us feedback you can help us make this a reality.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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