NetClean GPS

Have you lost track of where you have inspected the net, and lost control of where you are in the cage? CageSense® NetClean GPS provides overview of where you have been and your position in the cage during inspection.

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Never miss a spot without knowing

When using a location unit on your FNC8 net cleaner it communicates with receiver antennas near the service vessel - giving visual position status during operation. The system is based on hydroacoustic communication where the frequency range is adapted to environments with a high degree of noise such as swim bladder in salmon, cavitation and mechanical noise. The communication signals bypass the typical noise common in fish farms.

Why NetClean GPS

  • Exact, real-time position in cage
  • Know what has been cleaned and what remains
  • A status- and end report is automatically generated after completed inspection
  • POI (Point of Interest)
  • No counting of pen rope during net cleaning
  • Safety for net cleaning operators

Technical Specifications


  • Dimension topside
    Pelicase (29.6 x 21.2 x 9.6 cm)

  • Locator P2

  • Operating temperature
    - 10 °C to + 60 °C

Ac​ou​st​ic​ P​erformance

  • Range
    100 meter diameter

  • Ping rate/frequency
    2 Hz

  • Drift
    Locator P2 ~1m/6h

  • Frequency
    140 kHz

  • Directivity Omnidirectional (360°)

  • External GPS/PPS
    Garmin GPS 16x HVS

Topside Electrical

  • Input volt
    IEC C13/85-305 VAC

  • Power consumption
    0.25A/230 VAC

  • Communication Ethernet (100 Mbps)

  • Protocols Water Linked API

  • User interface
    Nettbasert GUI (lokal tilkobling) 3D NetClean GUI​

Locator Electrical

  • Input volt

  • Power consumption
    2A when transferring else 40mA​


  • Certificate of conformity (CE)

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