NetInspect GPS

Have you lost track of where you have inspected the net, and lost control of where you are in the cage? CageSense® NetInspect GPS provides overview of where you have been and your position in the cage during inspection. When using a location unit on a ROV or a diver, we communicate with receiver antennas that give a visual status position during inspection.

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Never miss a beat (or swim stroke)

The NetInspect system is based on hydro-acoustic communication where the frequency range is adapted to environments with a high degree of noise such as swim bladder in salmon, cavitation and mechanical noise. The communication signals bypass the typical noise common in fish farms to provide you with an accurate, unobstructed positioning.

Why NetInspect GPS

  • Exact, real-time position in cage
  • Track of where the ROV/drone or diver are during operation
  • A status- and end report is automatically generated after completed inspection
  • In the system you can continuously mark and comment foreign elements/damages on the net
  • POI (Point of Interest)
  • Safety for new ROV pilots

Technical Specifications


  • Dimension topside
    Pelicase (29.6 x 21.2 x 9.6 cm)

  • Locator U1

  • Operating temperature
    - 10 °C to + 60 °C

Ac ​ou​st​ic​ P​erformance

  • Range
    100 meter diameter

  • Ping rate/frequency
    2 Hz

  • Drift

    Locator ~1m/6h

  • Frequency  

    ca. 110 kHz

  • Directivity

    Omnidirectional (360°)

  • Operating principle

    Time of flight, triangulation

  • Integrated IMU
    Yost Labs TSS-NANO TDK Invensense ICM-20948

  • Integrated GPS 

 Topside Electrical

  • Input volt

    IEC C13/85-305 VAC

  • Power consumption

    0.25A at 12V

  • Power-on current surge
    2.30A at 12V

  • Communication

    WiFi (802.11ac/a/b/g/n) Ethernet (100 Mbps)

  • Protocols

    Water Linked API

  • User interface
    Web based GUI (local connection) 3D NetCleanGUI

Locator Electrical

  • Input volt

    Battery, charged with USB-C

  • Power consumption​

    6 hours after GPS-lock


  • Certificate of conformity (CE)


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