Sonar 3D-15 

- Real-time 3D point cloud capability

Redefine your perception of the underwater environment with the advanced acoustic imaging 3D sonar from Water Linked.

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Key features

  • Real-time 3D-imaging 

  • 3D point cloud capability

  • 15m acoustic range

  • 90 degree horizontal field of view

  • 40 degree vertical field of view

  • 300 m depth rated

  • Ethernet communication

  • Web GUI and API

3D point cloud

The Sonar 3D-15 digitized point cloud output allows users to integrate with third party software for visualization and to carry out detailed inspections, while also allowing creation of intricate models of both targets and the underwater terrain. This enables autonomous systems to execute complex decision-making processes.



See clearly in shallow and murky waters

Shallow water, often characterized by low visibility and high turbidity, typically renders optical cameras ineffective. While traditional 2D sonars offer some improvement, they fall short in providing a comprehensive understanding of the surrounding environment.

The Sonar 3D-15 is at the forefront of underwater exploration, delivering a clear, three-dimensional acoustic image that penetrates even the murkiest of waters. This technology creates the ability for intuitive navigation, greatly enhancing the user’s capability to maneuver around obstacles and pinpoint targets.

Small and easy to use

The Sonar 3D -15 sets itself apart with its compact and efficient design, boasting a 300 meter operational depth and a mere 0.5 kilogram in-water weight. 

Its small size makes it suitable for an extensive variety of ROVs, from the smallest to those of larger scales, and empowering them with the ability to discern targets in challenging conditions. 

Aligning with the Water Linked commitment for ease of use, the sonar’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) is designed for accessibility through a web-based browser, displaying real-time data in a 3D shaded view.

Simple integration and merging

The user-centric design eliminates the complexity of software installation, simplifying the integration process. Moreover, Water Linked provides access to a detailed Application Programming Interface (API) to allow users to merge the sonar image with third-party software. 

Downloads / Resources

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