Underwater GPS

Enabled by the APS100 technology


Developer kit

– Start instant exploring

ROV Integration

– For ROV-manufacturers


– Underwater acoustics made simple

APS100 + GPS = Underwater GPS

The APS100 is our robust and reliable technology platform for acoustic underwater positioning. It is designed to operate in challenging environments such as shallow water within ports or fish cages for aquaculture, environments where existing conventional underwater positioning systems break down.

Combined with GPS, the system provides both relative and global position of your device. Underwater positioning has never been easier!

Underwater GPS developer kit

Instant exploring

The Underwater GPS Developer Kit includes everything you need to get started with Water Linked modules for underwater positioning. The Master-D1 calculates the position of any Locator relative to the position of the Receivers with the APS100 technology. Combined with the integrated GPS and IMU, it will provide the absolute GPS position of the Locator.

With a small physical footprint, the kit is easily integrated into even the most compact equipment. It can be used retro-fitted to your system with the included cable, our integrated through your own umbilical. Just power up and start exploring the underwater world.


3D position data is accessed through an easy-to use API and web interface, including:

  • Real-time visualization of relative and global position
  • Simple system configuration
  • Software upgrades
  • OS independend (Windows/Mac/Linux)

The system is highly developer friendly:

  • Access to raw data for easy integration with you preferred system
  • Standardized lightweight MQTT connectivity protocol
  • Write your own application/integration with our easy-to-use example projects
  • Stream real-time position, GPS, compass and other sensor data
  • Integrate high-accuracy GPS, compass and depth sensors to improve positioning accuracy even further

ROV Integration

Revolutionizing performance in the ROV market

Water Linked’s Underwater GPS solution is changing the way ROVs are used. With accurate underwater position information and moving-map navigation displays, ROV-based inspection, exploration, search and rescue, and other applications can be revolutionized.

The development of GPS and communication technology has been a key enabler for a wide variety of above-water innovations in the past decade. Once you dive below the ocean surface, however, both have been very limited. Water Linked’s low-cost new technology will open several possibilities, including the Underwater GPS system and, in the future, underwater wireless communication.


Water Linked series of locators comes with both analog and digital interface, well suited for both fully integrated an retro-fitted applications.

The locators can be configured with different cable lengths and connectors to cover any possible use-case.


The Receiver-D1 is a digital , high sensitivity hydroacoustic receiver that will collect acoustic signals in even the most challenging environments.

The receiver can be configured with different cable lengths and connectors to suit any deployment set-up.

Master Board

The Master-D1 digital computing board is equipped with all the processing power you need to get reliable position data from your underwater applications.

With its compact design and small physical footprint, the board is easily integrated into any topside unit.

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