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...with CageSense™ – The wireless environmental smart-sensor system with an intuitive dashboard that gives you all the information you need, when you need it.

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 Flexible expansion

 Intuitive dashboard

End the waste

Waste does not belong in the sea – neither should your fish farm waste any more money on oversized cabled solutions. Aside from cables disturbing the natural environment and allowing unwanted microbes a place to grow, most cabled monitoring systems also fail to give you the insight you need. 

In order to improve control of and increase the consistency of product quality, you need to continuously obtain all relevant information from the production process. You can’t wait around for cable breakage to be fixed or new cables to be laid in order to get hold of data that is critical to your operation. That’s just such a costly waste of an opportunity!

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 Why wireless makes sense

With CageSense™, you get a comprehensive picture of the fish welfare through several environmental parameters presented to you in real time. And by real time we mean real time: Now – not in 10 to 15 minutes. Continuous access to this insight, without delay or downtime, allows you to swiftly make the proper operational decisions to ensure optimal fish welfare. This enables you to farm healthier fish of higher quality, improving both the productivity and the sustainable performance of your fish farm. 

Cage Sense™ wireless smart-sensors are easy to install – with flexible expansion when you need to add more sensors for an even wider insight. An intuitive user interface makes it easy to read the data and document the conditions. To sum it all up: Cage Sense™ brings a new level of control and traceability to your operation.

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We know you are concerned with sustainability – and that you work hard to prove it.

We also understand that margins matter. That’s why we feel your frustration when your wired sensors fail to give you the insight that allows you to document the underwater environment and make the right decisions. 

Cage Sense™ is founded on our self-developed, innovative technology which takes underwater extraneous noise out of the equation – providing stable, wireless underwater communication. The technology is well documented through our R&D projects, and is already being applied by NASA, MIT and US Navy, among others.

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3 easy steps to improve your sustainability performance:


Request a consultation

We’d love to learn more about your ambitions and help you get rid off some major obstacles.


Go wireless

Replace wired technology with innovative, wireless, environmental smart-sensors that put YOU in charge.


Show ‘em how it’s done!

Lead the path to a more sustainable aquaculture industry, optimizing your operations along the way.

Boost productivity and decrease costs

Whereas installation and expansion of current solutions on the market, wired and wireless, are resource heavy operations, CageSense™ comes as a plug and play system. Its wireless nature eliminates typical liabilities associated with cabled systems such as cable breakage as well as health and safety risks.

What this means for you is reduced cost of implementation and maintenance, lower thresholds for acquiring new data points, better health and safety and ultimately increasing productivity by improving fish welfare in your aqua farm.

Easy maintenance with long lasting batteries and wireless charging

Without increasing the battery size and thus the size of the probes, we have developed a smart technology that will keep your data flowing for longer between charges. Some of our smart-sensor probes are estimated to last for up to 6 months to 2 years without charging under normal* circumstances. When you eventually need to charge them, we have made this operation simple to maneuver by using wireless charging. With smart, wireless sensors from Water Linked, you’re taking a step towards becoming a precision fish farm.

*Test conditions are based on fish farms located in open waters, away from shorelines and shallow waters. 

Access unlimited tailorability with an open API, simplifying integration with other systems and software

One might think that a smart sensor setup requires complicated integration to function with your current system. However, our CageSense™ system is created to allow you to use it with the software and integrations you love. With an open API, we will never limit the tailorability of your CageSense™ system. In our opinion, that is just common sense.

Stay up to speed with instant deviation notifications

We are aware that not all wireless solutions make sense. Other wireless solutions relay data with up to 15 minute intervals to save battery, a delay which can be critical for your operation under certain circumstances. CageSense™, however, uses smart IoT technology to provide updates only when an irregularity occurs, and when it does occur the alert is relayed instantly. That way, you will get notified the moment a critical environmental change occurs, enabling you to prioritise taking the necessary actions to avoid any damage to your operation.

Intuitive GUI that keeps you informed on a need-to-know basis

When we set out to revolutionize aquaculture monitoring, user experience and data insights were extremely important. Our goal was to give the fish farmer a clear view and instant environmental status of the various cages/pens. Although CageSense™ enables detailed data outputs similar to conventional systems, our GUI is built to visually give you the information you need, with clear instructions on what needs to be done to combat any irregularities it flags.

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