Mastering the art of logistics
They say the line between disorder and order lies in logistics. Positioned at the frontlines of our headquarters in Trondheim, our dedicated Logistics Manager, Marte Strand Andresen, plays a pivotal role in maintaining seamless operations in this fast-paced and dynamic environment.
11 July, 2023 by
Mastering the art of logistics
Water Linked AS, Mona Aagaard

What is your professional background and how did you initially connect with Water Linked?

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Logistic Engineering from HiST, complemented by a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Project Management from BI. Building upon my academic pursuits, I gained valuable professional experience working as a Transportation Planner, Project Administrator, and Purchasing Manager before accepting my first role as Head of Logistics. 

It was during my maternity leave with my youngest child that I came across a job posting for a Logistics Manager position at Water Linked. At the time, I was fulfilling the role of Head of Logistics at a local paper factory, but as my maternity leave approached its end, I found myself ready for a change. The idea of exploring opportunities at a forward-leaning and innovative company like Water Linked where I could further develop professionally resonated deeply with me and I therefore decided to apply for the position. Thankfully, my application was successful, and I landed the job.

So what exactly does a Logistics Manager do?

Logistics encompasses various aspects, including the facilitation of smooth workflows, both internally and externally. As a Logistics Manager at Water Linked, my responsibilities encompass a diverse range of tasks: Within the sales department, I manage customer orders, provide quotes, follow up on inquiries, and ensure the seamless shipment of products to our valued customers. 

In the logistics department, I need to communicate effectively with both our component suppliers and our R&D team in order to provide a well-calibrated inventory of finished products and components. It is of great importance that our inventory is aligned with the projected demand for our innovative products at all times. We can never fall short, but we don’t want to tie up too much capital in inventory either, especially since we are continuously working on product improvements. 

I have also had a significant role in implementing a new ERP-system. The insights I have previously gained about the principles of continuous improvement have proven to be especially relevant during this implementation. 

Marte enjoys a well-earned cup of coffee and a chat with our project manager Sarah Irving

What is it about your role that makes you tick?

Well, I have always enjoyed the intricacies of planning, organizing and assembling the pieces of a puzzle. Hence, working with logistics really is my kind of game as it aligns well with both my skills and interests. The multifaceted role I fulfill at Water Linked allows me to leverage my expertise in logistics and forge vital connections across departments, adding value and contributing to the company’s operational efficiency and overall success.

I would also like to mention that I highly appreciate my colleagues, and the friendly and inclusive work environment we have at Water Linked. I think we all are driven by the opportunity to solve important challenges, and for me it has been especially motivating to provide a good customer experience for our clients. Now that I have new colleagues on my team, I am in the process of adjusting my role to a more strategic oriented one, an opportunity which I find really exciting.

And how is the work-life balance at Water Linked?

I would say we have fostered a strong work-life balance that empowers us to thrive both professionally and personally. This balance holds particular significance for those of us who juggle parental responsibilities and work responsibilities. Personally, I deeply appreciate the opportunity to work from home when needed. As a mother of two children (soon to be three), and with their father working offshore, eliminating the hour-long commute greatly simplifies managing my hectic schedule on those demanding days. 

Trust and responsibility form the foundation of this work-life harmony. We are granted the flexibility we require, earned through our consistent high performance and unwavering dedication. Moreover, our company's open-door policy and flat hierarchy, coupled with a culture of transparency, facilitate seamless coordination. This ensures that tasks are efficiently handled, even when someone needs to stay home with a sick child or takes a well-deserved vacation. Regardless of the circumstances, our operations continue to run smoothly, just the way I like it.

Mastering the art of logistics
Water Linked AS, Mona Aagaard 11 July, 2023
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