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When you are on an underwater mission, being hindered by shallow, noisy environments can be a real challenge. Whether you need to operate close to the seabed or near the surface, in waters containing multiple extraneous noise sources such as boat hulls, docks or even marine life, positioning can become inaccurate.

Once you find a solution that tackles the environmental challenges you then have the challenge of mounting and integrating this with your equipment.

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No more broken paths or loss of signal

All of our underwater positioning products are designed and built in-house, from scratch, with a goal to tackle one of the most prominent challenges in underwater acoustics: data being distorted by interference. Whether you are looking for a new solution for underwater communication, positioning or both, our sensational products are proven to be accurate even in the shallowest, noisiest of environments, supporting your operation wherever it might be.

Explore underwater sensors

Your time and resources are valuable

You spend enough time planning and fine tuning the execution of your missions. The last thing you need on top of that is resource demanding integration and time consuming troubleshooting.

No other products are easier to integrate than ours. Even the smallest of ROVs and AUVs can house our equipment, and smaller equipment calls for smaller crews. Wave goodbye to hiring third party integrators, developers and support vessels and make your operation more agile than ever.

And of course, when issues do occur, it's usually at the least convenient time. To minimize the inconvenience in the event of an issue, the bright minds who developed your kit are the same people who will assist you with any troubleshooting.

Explore underwater sensors

Explore our underwater sensors

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Easy to employ

We spend thousands of hours on research and development every year to improve integration. This is so that you can spend more time researching, exploring and diagnosing instead of drowning in incompatible APIs. To make your entry into underwater exploration easier, our DVLs are ‘out of the box compatible’ with underwater ROVs from Blue Robotics and Deep Trekker. With a physical size that is 10-15x smaller than our competitors, no DVL in the world can be mounted on as many different ROVs as our DVLs.

Utilize the latest technology in underwater navigation

When Water Linked was founded, the tech that was being used was outdated, so our team set out to disrupt the market. Now, years later, we are still disrupting the market by eliminating noise in underwater communication and positioning. R&D will always be a priority for us to keep delivering new, innovative technology in order to drive the market forward. What this means for you is that a partnership with Water Linked allows you to use the best technology as soon as it is available.

Receive superior support

No manufacturer can guarantee a complete absence of issues. However, as a company we are built and equipped to reduce your down-time to a minimum in the event that something doesn’t go to plan. For troubleshooting, we assign support cases to the people who can give the quickest and most concrete solution to a given problem, always, whether this person is a developer, a technician or someone in our leadership team. You can rest assured that you will be in safe hands should anything, against all odds, happen to your Water Linked equipment.

Get rid of messy cables and streamline your operations

Wired technology is still optimal for some through water applications, like high definition video transmission. For transmission of smaller data packets, however, we are confident that our underwater wireless modem, the Modem 64, is a far more practical and efficient solution. Real world applications, like operating AUVs and extracting research data from the seabed loggers, are many, and we keep finding more as we cooperate with our customers and partners to make underwater wireless communication even more complete.

Benefit from accurate positioning and navigation regardless of acoustic disturbances

Many will argue that USBL (ultra short baseline) is superior for subsea positioning, and for some applications we agree. Our groundbreaking SBL (short baseline) positioning system, the UGPS G2, is designed for challenging areas where acoustic interference is a serious issue. Our latest technology allows for accurate positioning and navigation even in the shallowest of waters. Other sources of noise such as foreign sonar signals, boat hulls, docks or even 200,000 Atlantic salmon in a fish farm will not affect the positioning data when using our SBL system. Simply put, our UGPS G2 underwater navigation system is as versatile as it gets.

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