M16 Miniature Underwater Modem

Utilizing the latest technology, developed for Aquaculture, Water Linked has produced the Modem-M16 which provides a robust half-duplex communication link with an acoustic range of 500m.

The size and limited power requirements make the M16 modem ideal for use with subsea vehicles or battery-powered underwater instrumentation.

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Low power requirement for battery powered installations

With a boot-up time of less than 10 milliseconds, the M16 modem can be set to sleep when not required and quickly boot-up to transmit or receive data. Where it’s not possible to set the modem into the sleep mode each modem draws around 0.3 watts in listen mode and less than 2 watt seconds when transmitting data.

With 12 channels to choose from, operating around a 58 kHz centre frequency, multiple modems can be operated at the same time in the same area without interference.

Maintaining a small physical size and being lightweight was critical when designing the M16 modem for optional OEM integration, allowing the M16 modem to be tightly integrated with little impact on the design of the overall system.

Key features

  • Robust bi-directional communication
  • 500m acoustic range
  • Low power requirement
  • Rapid boot-up time
  • 500m depth rated
  • Serial UART or RS485 connectivity
  • Extremely small size enabling easy mounting and integration

Downloads / Resources​

User manual
Protocol documentation
3D STP and STL files
CE declaration
Certificate of origin​

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