The Modem M64 is a two-way half-duplex 64bps acoustic modem with a robust and user configurable data link.

The M64 sets a new market standard with its record-breaking physical size, low power requirements and cost.

Easy to use UART serial interface gets you up and running in no time.


The Underwater GPS Explorer Kit makes underwater positioning technology available for everyone. The kit requires minimal technical skills and is quick and easy to deploy.

With its extremely small size and low weight, the Underwater GPS kit is hassle-free to transport and operate.

Locator types available for all needs.

Underwater GPS Developer Bundle

Full Explorer Kit but without housing and connectors.

Ideal for integration in other housings or for lab development projects.

Locator U1

The easiest to use Locator of them all!

Strap it on to the ROV or diver and start positioning.

No cables, no external requirements, battery powered.

Locator S1

Digital hydroacoustic locator device. The Locator-S1 only needs power from its host making it perfect for ROVs with limited integration possibilities in the tether.

The Locator-S1 is ideal if you have an ROV with no spare twisted pair of cables in the tether or if you have a fiber optic tether.

Locator D1

Digital hydroacoustic locator device including a depth sensor.

The Locator-D1 is the best choice if you are doing underwater positioning without the possibility to provide power from the underwater vehicle and you are dependent on a long term uninterupted operation.

Locator A1

The A1 has the smallest physical footprint in our series of locators, and can be integrated into even the most compact ROV system.

The Locator-A1 is ideal if you have an ROV with a spare twisted pair of cables in the tether.

Locator P1

Very powerful loator device designed to operate in noisy environments and long range applications.

Receiver D1

Digital low-noise, high sensitivity hydroacoustic receiver that converts acoustic waves to a digital data stream. It can be used in both GPS, IoT and WLAN solutions.

Master D1

The Master-D1 is a digital position computing board. It calculates the position of any Water Linked Locator relative to the position of the Water Linked Receivers. It will also provide the global position through use of the integrated GPS and IMU.

19″ Rackmount Topside

The 19″ rackmount topside is perfect for vessels with dedicated and dry IT areas which are protected from the elements.

GoPro bracket for Locator U1

This bracket will fit perfectly between your Locator-U1 and your existing GoPro mount.

Expert Support Pack (4 hours)

Do you need some special adaptation or integration of your Water Linked product? Get the help you need by utilizing our expert developers in your project.